Ansible Code to Split Strings

// Source --- - hosts: localhost vars: facter_blockdevices: sda,sdb,sdc,sdd,sde,sdf gather_facts: no tasks: - name: Separate facts set_fact: blockdevices="{{facter_blockdevices.split(',')}}" - name: Show the devices shell: echo {{ item }} with_items: blockdevices


Opera Browser: Architecture

Opera is built on Chromium project. Chromium is an open  source project that uses WebKit, a free and open source rendering engine. WebKit is open sourced by Apple. So, Google Chrome and Opera resemble a lot. They use process for each tab and look similar. The benefit of using processes to handle tabs is: Better [...]

Bloom Filters

Used for determining presence of an element in a set. Uses a set of hash functions that return an integer. The returned value is used as index into a bit vector. hash1(element) => index1 hash2(element) => index2 To search an element, we check for both the index are set. If yes, element might be there. [...]

Java Fix: Applications Blocked by Security Settings for Windows 7

Are you seeing following errors? Java applications are blocked by your security settings. Missing Application-Name manifest attribute Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar Starting with Java 8, there is no medium risk setting in Security tab under Java You will keep getting this error till you revert to older Java (suggested Java 7, [...]