Linux Device Driver Development: Block Device Driver

It is my very first interaction with Linux kernel at device driver level. My objective is to develop a block device driver, very simple, that just forward I/O requests to a virtual device. This post explains my observations limited to attacking the problem.Block v/s Character DeviceLinux support block and character device drivers. Only block devices [...]


Mongo DB: Good to know things

Mongo DB is a No-SQL, free, open-source solution that is highly scalable, highly available and high performance solution. Engine is coded in C++ Works in a client-server model Major components: mongod: The storage server mongos: The sharding server config server(s): Stores metadata that accomplish sharding Is actually a mongod process Mongo provides write operations durability [...]

A design of abort handling module

The handling of abort of a operation is essential for a software. An abort represents: An error condition Internal errors Subsystem errors A user requested abort The requirements of abort handling are: Quickness: The ability to respond to an abort Reliability: The measure of abort getting accepted at any phase of software execution Robust: The [...]