Opera Browser: Architecture

Opera is built on Chromium project. Chromium is an open  source project that uses WebKit, a free and open source rendering engine. WebKit is open sourced by Apple. So, Google Chrome and Opera resemble a lot. They use process for each tab and look similar. The benefit of using processes to handle tabs is: Better [...]


File system in userspace (FUSE) on Linux : C implementation

BBFS is a good starting point to develop a file system in C Application should keep in mind file offset before issuing a request. A write should be followed with a seek to offset zero, before issuing read. FUSE 2.7 reads 8K data by default, in two 4K chunks Read happens in last 4K and [...]

Dissecting Python List allocator (CPython)

List is one of the most frequently used data structure in Python applications. The code for Python list object allocator is present in Python-2.7.5/Objects/listobject.c. Python allocates list objects in heap and uses underlying malloc based APIs. List is a container of Python object references. In plain C terminology. it is a dynamic array of pointers. [...]