• Dissecting memory mysteries of Python
    • Kiwi PyCon, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Rapid development of website search in Python
    • Pycon India, Bangalore, India
  • FUSE’ing Python for Rapid Development of Storage Efficient File-System
    • PyCon APAC, Singapore
  • Bytecode optimization in Python
    • SciPy India, IIT, Mumbai, India
  • Python threads: Dive into GIL
    • Pycon India, Pune, India
  • Articles

    • Linux for you
      • Light-Weight Processes: Dissecting Linux Threads
      • Virtual Machines For Abstraction : The Dalvik VM
      • Python Threading and its Caveats
      • Best practices For C Programmers
      • Crazy Commands
    • Agile Record
      • Applying Automation in Test Driven Development, AgileRecord (ISSN 2191-1320)
  • Patents/Publications

    • Lichen- A Framework for Characterizing Sporadic Performance Constrictions in Non-Deterministic Applications [Published in Research Disclosure, Publication number 542065]
    • FUSE’ing Python for Development of Storage Efficient Filesystem, The Python Papers (ISSN: 1834-3147)

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