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Flash is an inexpensive and fast cache for servers. There are many solutions that manage flash and offer system-wide or application-specific acceleration. Major solutions are as follows:

  1. Sandisk FlashSoft
  2. Intel Cache Accelerator Software
  3. EMC XtremSW
  4. NetApp FlashCache
  5. LSI Nytro
  6. FusionIO


  • These solutions cache disk blocks and uses flash as the primary tier of storage.
  • Since flash is way faster than disk, I/O speed up could reach 2x- 20x.
  • These solutions are pure s/w, s/w+h/w, stay in kernel and work at driver level
  • Intel CAS can accelerate selected applications on a system
  • There is no major differentiators among these solutions, except price 🙂